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Diamond Microdermabrasion Water Spray Exfoliation Machine

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The professional beauty treatments at home? If you are looking for a beauty device that even professionals use, you need our new Dermabrasion Exfoliation Machine. With this machine, your skin will look healthy, fresh, and ready for the summer season!


Diamond micro-carving is based on the principle of physical shallow skin resurfacing, which makes up for the shortcomings of acid chemical peeling. It uses vacuum suction to adsorb the skin on the diamond micro-carving sculpture bit and uses different rough diamond sculpture bits. In addition to the value of skin beauty, diamond micro-carving has a curative effect on some skin diseases. For example acne, fine wrinkles, and improvement of large pores. This machine is ideal for ultrasonic vitamin C whitening methods to improve skin tone. Also, with this beauty device, you can treat stretch marks.


Don’t waste your time and money on beauty treatments at expansive salons. Order now and enjoy your beauty spa time at home!



  • Fights acne, skin discoloration, wrinkles, and more
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Quick recovery
  • Stimulate the regeneration of the dermis, and increase the elasticity of the skin, with no irritation
  • Gradual form of microdermabrasion based on the principle of physical-mechanical can control freely
  • No side effects, safe and reliable
  • Different from the traditional microdermabrasion, no flesh and blood blur, and does not affect daily life
  • Immediately see the immediate improvement effect
  • Quick recovery, it can be completed in about five to seven days a week
  • Suitable for all kinds of skin, sensitive skin can also be done


Diamond Micro-Carving Effects

  • Diamond micro-carving treatment of acne and skin
  • Diamond micro-carving for the treatment of water shortage, dry skin
  • Treatment of loose and wrinkled skin caused by diamond micro-carving
  • Diamond micro-carving on the treatment of dark, uneven color skin
  • Diamond micro-carving treatment of melanin squeezing the skin
  • Diamond micro-carving effect on the dermis to activate, repair, regeneration


Product Manual

  • It is an upgrade product of the diamond micro-engraving instrument.
  • According to a different skin, there are three kinds of grinding heads: small, medium, and large. The matching micro-carving head is made of stainless steel instead of aluminum.
  • Small grinding head: mainly for the eye or small sensitive parts.
  • Middle grinding head: mainly used to operate the face or normal skin, the most widely used.
  • Large grinding head: mainly used in large areas, such as body, hands, feet, etc.



  • Input: AC 100--240V (50/60Hz),0.6A
  • Output: 12V 1A
  • Power: 15W
  • Package Size: 29 * 26 * 22
  • Application: Cosmetic Salon


Package Includes

  • Diamond Dermabrasion Machine * 1
  • PVC Vacuum Hose 8 * 5 * 1
  • Diamond Wands * 3
  • Diamond Tips * 9
  • Heads Box & Foam * 1
  • O-Rings * 3
  • Cotton Filter * 2 Package
  • Power Cord * 1
  • Manual * 1
  • Spray Bottle * 2
  • Glass Tubes * 3
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