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Overall Best Health Track Women’s Waterproof Smartwatch

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Make your life easy with the Overall Best Women’s Smartwatch! This health tracker is high quality and lets you monitor your day-to-day performance like a breeze, from sleeping patterns, heart rate, burned calories to that special time of the month. It is 100% waterproof which means you can wear it all throughout the day and night without having to worry about the damage. It also comes in super versatile colors.



Pedometer, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring

Multiple sport modes:
Walking / Running / Cycling / Mountaineering / Yoga / Elliptical Machine / Swimming / Basketball / Tennis / Baseball / Table Tennis / Badminton / Rugby / Cricket / Skipping Rope / Weight Lifting / Lazy Car / Exercise Bike / Rowing Machine / Treadmill ( 20 kinds)

Information and social information push:
Support social software: SMS/QQ/WeChat/Mail/Skype/Facebook/Twitter/Line/WhatsApp/Instagram/Messenger/Snapchat/Line/KakaoTalk/Viber/Skype/Telegram


Incoming call, alarm clock, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, find phone, remote control camera



Watch language:
Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese Vietnamese (factory default English)

APP support language:
English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, German, French, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Spanish, Japanese, Farsi, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish , Thai, Hungarian, Slovak, Croatian, Albanian, Turkish, Ukrainian



Q: What application is used when connecting to a smart phone?

A: The app is designed by the supplier. You can scan the QR code on the package or manual to download it when you get the item.


Q: Why the device cannot boot or start up properly?

A: Please charge your new device before using, this ensures normal device boot and optimal operation. For devices with removable batteries, ensure they are properly installed before charging.


Q: Can not find device when pairing device?

A: Please make sure the distance between phone and device less than 0.5m. Please make sure the device is not under low battey. If there is still problem after 1.5hours charging, please cantact us.


Q: Can not connect the devicewith app?

A: Some smart phone bluetooth service will be abnormal when reboot.Please reboot the smart phone for pairing device.


Q: Why the android mobile disconnect?

A: Android mobile phone system memory management will be forced to turn off the background app,you need to turn off the power saving mode or pull the app into the ayatem housekeeping green background inside,app will not be forced to close. The app must be running in the background, Bluetooth will not automatically disconnect.


Q: Why couldn't I connect the Bluetooth?

1. Please download the app firstly

2. Search Bluetooth name on your aoo and then connect it

3. You can see request to connect on the phone, click pair


Q:Is the watch waterproof?

A: Our smart watch is splash-proof and sweat-proof, so it is ok while you are doing sports. But you can’t swim with it.

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