Top Color Fashion Trends in 2021

by Angelica Lentoni
Top Color Fashion Trends in 2021

Hello, beauties! When the new fashion trends are introduced and set, they do not only involve new styles, cuts, prints, or patterns that will be trendy and popular for the upcoming season of the year. One very important things, that can easily rise to a special part and separated part of the fashion trends are the colors.

Fashion is part of the art, and as such artistic and creative process, it includes and involves the use of color. The colors are what makes some pieces different than the other ones, more stylish, vivid, and beautiful, instead of boring and dull. The colors have the power to set the tone, improve the mood, change the perception. As part of fashion, they are greatly and widely used, and each new fashion season comes with new sets of colors that will define it.

This 2021 is most definitely a year of bright and interesting colors, and for all those who are all in for the colors, these are happy news. For those who prefer neutrals, it is time to take a walk on the wild side and experience the world of color.

These are the top fashion color trends that should find your place in your closet:

Mellow Yellow

Top Color Fashion Trends in 2021


As a shade, yellow is considered the happiest color of them all. It is strong and bright, having the power to instantly turn the mood into a positive direction. This year is the year of the yellow color, but the version in question is the mellow yellow. Subtle, soft, beautiful, and delicate, mellow yellow comes just between the light yellow and the pastel yellow. It holds a refined and chic vibe, easy to style and pair in different garments and for different occasions. It is a great choice and option for all those who are afraid of the dominant yellow.

Rich Magenta

Top Color Fashion Trends in 2021


Season after season, the rich magenta is staying strongly positioned on the fashion sky. This elegant and rich shade is an excellent pop of color for those who want to add the pop of pink and violet mixed together. What makes this extraordinary shade so popular is the vibrancy and freshness it delivers to an outfit. It also styles very well with light, dark and strong colors. One of the best and trendiest looks that can be achieved with the rich magenta is the head-to-toe monochromatic magenta outfit.

Bubblegum Pink

Top Color Fashion Trends in 2021


Bringing you back to the girly childhood days, the bubblegum pink has made an unexpected entry on the fashion color scene. The dominant, popping, and bold pink, which is every girl's favorite color, comes as one of the most popular shades for 2021. Being more neon than the baby pink, and lighter than the magenta, this is the color of the outfit that will bring freshness to any room, to any occasion or event. Even a piece of accessory in the bubblegum pink is enough to make a trendy difference.


Top Color Fashion Trends in 2021


The coral tones, with undertones of orange, have been very strong and dominant for quite some time. However, since a few seasons back, that trend and dominance changed in direction of making the undertones more popular than the basic tones. Just like that, the orange became a shade that was soon dominating the fashion color palette. Last season, the fashion trends saw a boom with the introduction and popularity of the burnt orange – deep, seductive, and rich shade, that delivered a secretive vibe. This year, the change is putting the orange in brighter and cleared options, just as the pure tangerine is. With some subtle and pastel undertones, yet a very strong and appealing finish, this is the shade that will make a difference to every fashion piece, accessory, and even footwear.

Tennis-Ball Green

Top Color Fashion Trends in 2021


Each year comes with a new shade of green as a trend that is hard to be missed. The popularity of the green has changed a lot, varying from the emerald and olive shades, to the pastel mints and light greens. The new trend of green puts the focus on the tennis-ball green shade. This is the shade that is a perfect mixture of neon green and grass green, with undertones of yellow and lime green. This combination is so strong and dominant, that is a great choice for wearing it on some statement piece like outerwear, bags, scarf, or some other accessory.

Ultimate Gray

Top Color Fashion Trends in 2021


It is very rare for two colors or shade to define one year and be announced as the colors of the year. However, this is the case with 2021 when the color of the year comes as a combination of two colors – yellow and gray. As the fashion industry has already set the tone with the mellow yellow, now is the turn for the gray. This year, the gray comes in a very sophisticated and polished shade. It is not either too light or too dark. It is the perfect gray shade, a bit lighter than graffiti gray, that creates a modern and fashionable look. As a darker shade to the yellow, it creates a wonderful contrast and it styles well with some other lighter and darker colors.

With so many interesting and appealing shades, this 2021 is predicted to be very colorful and interesting in street style outfits. One of the rules for a great street style look is to add more color to the outfit, as well as be bold and strong in the color choices. All of the above-mentioned colors are great and suitable for wearing and styling thorough the entire year, so it is up to you to stock up on some pieces and delivers the colors in the best possible looks and outfits.

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